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NJ Realtors® Broadcast News Studio Design and Build

New Jersey Realtors® Communicating On The Next Level

New Jersey Realtors® is the voice for real estate in New Jersey. It serves as a leading advocate for the real estate industry and private property owners in New Jersey. When they wanted to communicate with their over 55,000 members, they tapped Bluewire Media to help.

NJ Realtors® had desired to connect with their members in a way that was engaging and as professional as possible. Their need to communicate with video was at the forefront of their wishlist.

We transformed an existing unused office space into a soundproof, professional video production studio. From the initial meeting to their first broadcast, the Bluewire Media team drove every project element.

Their studio includes:

A custom-designed desk

Background set

Multi-colored LED lighting interface

Professional studio lighting

4K Camera and accessories

Multiple participants' audio recording and mixing components

Teleprompter and computer system


Most importantly, Bluewire Media also included simple, straightforward training seminars to help their staff use sophisticated equipment like pros. NJ Realtors® has been producing online shows and messaging, but most importantly, they have communicated more efficiently with their members since the launch of their new studio.

See their initial broadcast produced, directed, and edited by Bluewire Media as part of their training seminar.

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