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CompleteCare: Ready When You Are Campaign

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

The CompleteCare Health Network and Bluewire Media launch the "Ready When You Are" campaign. This award-winning campaign includes tv commercials, billboards, print ads, social media videos and photos, and social media ads in both English and Spanish.

The overall visual style of the campaign is a re-branding of CompleteCare that includes mono-palette images styled by Kim Tweed and filmed/photographed by Steve Acito and his Team, including DP Brent King and make-up artist Sherry Vitale.

Interesting Production Fact: All of the video content in the commercials was created from Steve Acito's still images and over 37,000 stills were taken as part of the campaign!

This campaign won a Muse International Photography Award & Telly Award for messaging and creativity.

Overview Video of Campaign:

Ads, Photos & BTS


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