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CompleteCare Health Network: Giving a Voice to Accessible Care

For over a decade, we’ve been helping CompleteCare communicate with the communities it serves.

PrEP Campaign

CompleteCare’s mission is “to improve lives by providing comprehensive, high-quality health care to every person in every community we serve.” That statement is an important part of every element we create for CompleteCare. In all reality, they are a health clinic, and we started working when they were the Cumberland County Health Clinic. Today they serve Cumberland, Salem, and Gloucester Counties in New Jersey. Bluewire Media helped their talented marketing team create many campaigns, including tv, print, outdoor, photography, social media, issue-based, and internal content. CompleteCare has also taken advantage of our social media SetUp and Sync and social media management products. Our social media video outreach campaign was recently honored with a prestigious Telly Award.

This campaign consisted of 87 videos with content ranging from hard-hitting health topics to fun, engaging calls-to-action pieces. Most importantly, incorporating these videos across their social platforms has increased engagement by over 70%.

We also create original content in both English and Spanish for tv, online video, and print for CompleteCare.

A Sample of their Social Media Videos

A Sample of their Spanish Content

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