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Bluewire Media LLC 20th Anniversary Logo
Bluewire Media LLC 20th Anniversary Logo
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Steve Acito, owner and founder of Bluewire Media, studied at Temple University and focused on Filmmaking, Video Production, and Marketing Psychology. Although he's focused most of his career on Marketing, Advertising, and Consulting Clients, he's continued to support his passion for digital storytelling. Steve has three Mid-Atlantic Emmy® Award Nominations for submissions supporting the Arts and has won numerous awards in various categories.

With over 30 years in the industry and 20+ as a small business owner, Steve's real-world experience and continuing education have helped Bluewire Media continue innovating while always supporting its "client first" mantra.

When available, he has also served as an Adjunct Documentary Production Professor at Drexel University, helping to shape the next generation of storytellers. Steve's commitment to education is a way of giving back to the community and a powerful means of influencing aspiring filmmakers and equipping them with the tools to craft impactful narratives.

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