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South Jersey Magazine: Bluewire Media Helps Camden Nonprofits

Sing a “Happy” Tune

Staff members and volunteers from a dozen different nonprofit organizations in Camden put their dancing shoes on today to try to spread some “happy” news about the city. The hot lights were on, the camera crews were getting into position, the producer was in the building, and the dancers were going over their routines.

It is not the typical setup work at Cathedral Kitchen, on Federal Street in Camden, which prepares and serves meals for the needy, six days a week.

But on this day, there was a little bit of show biz mixed into what they do to spread the message of The Goodness Project.

“It’s to promote goodness that happens every day in Camden,” explained Lauren White, development director for the Ronald McDonald House of Southern New Jersey, and a lead organizer with The Goodness Project. “There’s a lot of negativity that comes out, but there’s another side of Camden we would like to show.”

So, White and her team reached out to 12 nonprofits within the city about putting together a music video inspired by the hit song “Happy,” by Pharrell Williams. Video parodies from colleges and organizations of the Oscar-nominated song have gone viral through Youtube and social media.

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