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Updated: Jul 24, 2023

By Karen Hepp, Anchor/Reporter April 10, 2014

CAMDEN, N.J. – Lights, cameras, and a real director.

They’re filming a music video in Camden on their “Goodness Project.”

There is a lot to sing and dance about in Camden and they want everybody to know about the good hard-working folks that are making people happy.

The kids were inspired by Pharrel’s hit song “Happy.”

The kids are on point. Smiling, shaking, and moving and grooving. They are showing off the goodness the volunteers and Camden County’s pride has brought to them.

Director of Settlement Music Camden, Valerie Clayton, explains, “They’re filming all over Camden, with real crews from Drexel and a real big-time Emmy nominated movie director, Steve Acito.

Acito says, “We are working for free, and the crew is working for free.”

11th grader Amadi Merill says good people have changed her life.

Merill explains, “As a kid I was given a violin. If this weren’t here, I wouldn’t been able to do it. They give a lot of scholarships to kids that can’t afford music lessons.”

“Our goal is for it to go viral. We will release it on Good Friday in the morning with the help of fox. We hope everyone spreads the word about the goodness in Camden and all the great charities you can get attached to and do more to help,” says Ronald McDonald Representative, Lauren White.

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